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The notion of a culminatory age of history, the day of judgement and even the very end of time has been present in many major cultures of the world. This anticipation has existed mostly as part of religious beliefs. But like so many other issues of humanity, what was once part of religion has come to be studied by reason, including the meaning of human history. And it is that rational philosophy which has been sought to be applied here to understand the unfolding of human history, and its implications for the immediate future.

We are now at just after the turn of the second millennium. It is natural to wonder if it is indeed the time for the culmination of human history as we know it. And what historical event would signify such an epoch?

The enlightenment of identities of the world is an interpretation of human history which makes a prediction about the imminent emergence of a new people - to be called the Millennials - into the world stage; and further, the Millennials are to emerge from India’s north-eastern state of Assam, and people of Assamese origin.

The prediction is a historical deduction arising out of culturally classifying some of the major people’s of the world in terms of a three-tiered hierarchy : political, social and economic - through the ancient, medieval and modern ages.

Among these hierarchies, there is also a set of global hierarchies, consisting of cultures which have had a particularly powerful or prominent presence in each of the three historical ages. Now in the modern age, the three-tiered global hierarchy is two-third complete, comprising the economic and social slots; the third and final political position is yet to be occupied. The Millennials are those political people.

The Millennials may be biologically identified through gene profiling, by comparing for the greatest genetic similarities between an Assamese and the author of this historical prediction. The age group of the Millennials is expected to be in their thirties and below. The population of the Millennials is expected to be modest, perhaps in the high hundreds or low thousands.

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